Mzi1 successfully manages every aspect of real estate projects for investors, resulting in incredible returns of 40-100% of market value and 100% rental income. We work with investors, realtors, contractors, property managers, condo boards and even bankers to make sure every detail is considered and every issue is resolved in the intricate process of managing a real estate project. Our comprehensive project management services include:

  • Redevelopment/Renovation – Mzi1 specializes in redeveloping condos, townhouses and single-family homes into UNIQUE, One-of-a-Kind properties. When it is time to renovate, Mzi1 has experience working with property owners through the entire construction process. We can manage relationships with engineers, architects, planners, construction personnel, drafters, etc. to implement any interior redevelopment needs.
  • Construction- Mzi1 interviews, hires and supervises contractors and subcontractors to make sure they are working in the best interest of our clients. From overseeing the purchase of appliances and decorative materials to ensuring proper permits are pulled, we ensure the success of every client’s short and long-term real estate goals.
  • Renting/Leasing: Mzi1 comes with 30 plus years of strategic marketing experience. Our creative eye gives us an edge for developing highly artistic living spaces that connect with design enthusiastic clients in a way that captures their imaginations. From staging the property, to architectural photography and 3D digital renderings, we create compelling descriptions to entice quality renters. Mzi1 also collaborates with rental agents and boards to successfully move rental agreements through while meeting appropriate criteria.

To maintain efficiency and complete each project on time and within budget, Mzi1 works with only one customer at a time and one project at a time, ensuring the “UNIQUEness” of each client investment.

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We work for the best quality of services for our clients and our clients appreciate us for that.