Go beyond a ONE in a MILLION kind of property …create a ONCE in a LIFETIME kind of property.

Mzi1 provides a full range of turnkey, real estate development services. We help investors peel back ordinary exteriors to find the unique architecture and design qualities that make property beautiful and real estate investments profitable.
Real estate investors turn to Mzi1 to magically transform their property from an ugly duckling to beautiful queen. With more than 30 years experience in marketing and sales, we help clients maximize the potential gains from a unique, design-oriented lifestyle.
We specialize in transforming smaller properties throughout New York City. These properties are the most desirable living spaces making them the best investment. In fact, clients have seen up to 40% return on investment from our services.

It takes nothing to join the crowd! It takes everything to stand-alone!


Mzi1 provides a full range of real estate development services to create unique living spaces that maintain long-term value for New York City investors and property owners. With more than 30 years of strategic marketing experience, we uncover and create distinct, custom architectural designs for every property, always finding the artistic “UNIQUEness.”

Our success is based on strategic market research and knowledge of purchasing trends for buyers who appreciate art, design and functionality. We use this experience to provide a full spectrum of expert services including: consulting, sales, marketing, staging, site selection, acquisitions, development, design, construction, financial analysis, permits, conceptual planning and project management.

Our ability to identify and transform condos, townhouses and single-family homes into UNIQUE, One-of-a-Kind properties results in improving the value of our client’s investments as much as 40%.