2 bedroom condo plan 3D
“Architecture is an expression of values,” said famed architect Norman Foster.
At Mzi1, we believe that value is not just about profits, but about emotions and aesthetics – it is art itself.”

We embrace every real estate project as if it’s our own investment, working with only one customer at a time and one project at a time. An emotional tie begins from the moment we help clients identify distinct differentiators and selling points that make residential real estate UNIQUE. Our dedication continues through design and renovation as we unveil the beauty underneath “ugly ducklings” and transform property into artistic, comfortable living spaces. With a passion for marketing and more than 30 years experience, we then present properties from the perspective of a ‘piece of art.’

This process not only supports a design-oriented lifestyle and connects with buyers and renters; it also maximizes return on investment, often by up to 40%.

“It’s an emotion journey from concept to completion,” says Mzi1 Founder Mira Ziv. “The attachment and dedication we put into each project is challenging and unequaled in the industry… but the end results are worth it and speak for themself when a client says, “it is BEAUTIFUL!”

The complete spectrum of what we offer as your valuable real estate partner includes:

  • Identifying unique real estate opportunities
  • Market and financial analysis
  • Site analysis
  • Due diligence review
  • Organizing LLCs or other purchasing entities
  • Assisting with site purchase
  • Arranging debt and equity partners
  • Conceptual planning, programming and best use analysis
  • Preparing marketing packages for investors or buyers
  • Business plan preparation
  • Master permitting and approvals
  • Design and construction permitting
  • Construction and development
  • Marketing and sales
  • Entitle land as necessary to add significant value

Contact us to learn more about magically transforming property from an ugly duckling to beautiful queen and maximize gains from a unique, design-oriented lifestyle.

In the last 3 years, Mzi1 has delivered incredible returns for investors, often achieving 40-100% in market value and 100% in rental income. Here are some examples of this success:

Turn of the Century Residential Apartment: 100% increase in value

This 3 bedroom residential apartment is the prime “Old Town” area of a metropolitan city in a landmark building from 1925. After WW2, it was divided into small rooms with 1.5 baths. Drop ceilings and a cabin stove were added to improve heat.

Mzi1 completed a gut renovation to rebuild the residence from scratch, preserving the historic integrity while introducing modern aesthetics and amenities. The redesign resulted in a beautiful large living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, an updated kitchen, fireplace and central heat.

NYC West Village Loft: 60% increase in value, 100% increase in rental income

Within one year of renovation by Mzi1, this Manhattan Chelsea Loft increased in value by 60% and rental income doubled. The home is in a prime location in the West Village and the renovation increased footage by 30% and storage by 50% with the introduction of a loft concept and clever storage ideas.