Project info

  • Client: Private owner
  • Status: Completed
  • Location: Manhattan

Project –Gut renovation – Turning one Bedroom/Bath into 2 Bedrooms/2 Baths – turning patio in full fledge garden
Morningside Heights (Columbia University area), New York
Client: Private Investor
Status: Completed, Rented
Location: Morningside Heights (Columbia University area), New York City

Result FIRST_ MZI creative process starts with goal of selling property and return of investment for owner/investor. With Gut Renovation and creative use of outdoor space – turned into “green oases” expected profit from sale in range of 20%
Rental income for investor at present time
Gut Renovation of 1 Bedroom – to 2 bedrooms/2 baths, complete redone garden/patio lush tropic green fence counting over 300+ Bamboo Trees.
Unique Factors- Private Patio. With dramatic garden appeal outdoor and indoor distinguishes these 2 bedrooms/2 bath condos from any residency in New York City for tranquility and beauty. Floor to ceiling French doors lead to the private garden is stunning with wonderful light all day long. While condo is 880 sq. ft in size with PRIVATE GARDEN is 340sq. ft ( exclusive usage), bordering condo’s courtyard with lush tropic green fence counting over 300+ Bamboo Trees ( Real tree replica), thousands of luxurious leaves and standing a majestic 11 feet tall for privacy and dramatic appeal. Bringing the lush foliage of the tropics to private New York City Garden is real treat!
Develop “short-lists” of consultants, based on previous project work, reputation, specialty, and due-diligence reference review
Oversight of Design Programs of original idea presented by MZI concept
Based on original concept all furniture, décor and staging is done by MZI.
Selling points, Photography and Marketing material presented to real estate Agent.

Work with Owner’s agent
Rental management for 2 Years