Project info

  • Client: Private owner
  • Status: Completed
  • Location: West Village, Manhattan

West Village New York City -Turning One Bedroom Loft to 2 Bedroom and 2 Bathroom

Result FIRST: MZI creative process starts with goal of selling property and return of investment for owner/investor.
– Rental Income for 2 years.
– Profitable return for Investor/owner. This property is sold above 25% return on investment.

Strategy Road Map for Desire Outcome

Site Selection – for Unique Proparties
Identify: MZI takes average 200 – 300 visits to check available market in NYC to identify unique proparties architectural, location wise and above all budget wise.
Approve: of MZI creative concept presentation and benefits for owner/investor outlined why this property. Unique design- turning one bedroom to 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, location benefits and sale.


– Develop “short-lists” of consultants, based on previous project work, reputation, specialty, and due-diligence reference review.
– Oversight of Architectural/Engineering/Design Programs of original idea presented by MZI concept.
– Develop schedules of contractor deliverables.

– Based on original concept all furniture, décor and staging is done by MZI.
– Selling points, Photography and Marketing material presented to real estate Agent.

– Overseeing real estate agent marketing plan.
– Regular visit to “open house” and speaking to potential buyers- feed back.
– Sold within few months on market – while tenant was in.